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The Augmensys Partner Concept stands for a mutual profitable cooperation with the aim to spread the new spirit of industrial working processes into new regions and new markets. UBIK is a unique product and therefore we are calling for unique partners that are willing to help our future customers to benefit from exciting new technology, in order to maximize their competitiveness.

Partners in the project “Common Access 2” are the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences, the Pomurje Technology Park from Slovenia and the company ROBOTE.
The aim of the project is to support small and medium-sized companies on their way to internationalization, with a focus on companies that offer products and services in the field of Industry 4.0.

The strength of acs is to deliver integrated industrial software solutions to their clients. As partner of Augmensys the swiss company brings the right information at any time, from anywhere in the organization.

The broad process and service expertise of Actemium, the industrial sector of the VINCI Energies Group, combined with the technology of Augmensys will form togehter with our software solution UBIK a unique offering to the market.

GATS is our UBIK partner in the United Arab Emirates. They support companies in the implementation of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Lifecycle Engineering & Operations solutions in the process industry as well as in the discrete industry (automotive, traffic,…).

KNAPP AG with headquarter in Hart Graz, is as a new OEM partner for the Augmensys Software UBIK and operates internationally in the field of warehouse automation and warehouse logistics software. With UBIK as the technological foundation for the service- and maintenance part of “KiSoft Assist”, the Styrian Company wants to expedite Augmented Reality supported mobile data management in their industries.

Nova CS, located in São Paulo, is specialized in the field of engineering and processes and provides its industrial clients better product development environments with a higher level of quality and efficiency. In the business area for UBIK, Nova CS attends the Brazilian market and for such can count on a specialised team for implementation, consulting, development, training and technical support.

The Hungarian company Plant Design has been a competent partner in the process industry since 2011 and is primarily active in the oil and energy industry. In addition to services and solution implementation in the CAE environment and with UBIK, Plant Design also offers services for inspections and maintenance.

The leading plant manufacturer in the iron making industry supplies complete plants and plant components all over the world. Now they expanded their portfolio to include Smart solutions and services based on UBIK. Features include classic work with technical and operational data, redlining, geographic representations and Augmented Reality supported views.

PWT promotes their own product PRAMOS® for the international water- and waste-water industry and also use it in some self-operated plants. The product is built on the UBIK platform and enables mobile data management and maintenance for the operation of e.g. purification plants.

Rotary Advanced Solution  supplies standard and high performance products, service, first line maintenance, projects and Turnarounds and technical advice. Additionally they are offering as an Augmensys partner the unique innovation – UBIK – in the Benelux Countries for the Process and Discrete Industry.

Ubik Solutions operates as a competent partner of Augmensys in the Nordic market and is offering UBIK, as well as accompanying consulting, support and implementation services.

Tel.Nr. +45 2973 3480

Voith Digital Ventures is an independent IT company, which creates, offers and implements their own solutions on the UBIK platform, for the benefit of their customers and partners.

17 years working in the information technology area, helping the industry to achieve best levels of efficiency and effectiveness in implementing solutions with the concept of industry 4.0.
With extensive experience in the petrochemical, mining, transformation, utilities, service industry and smart cities sectors.  

HKN Ingeniería was founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs from the city of Antofagasta. The company, committed to Safety, Sustainability and Innovation, pioneered the development of an Autonomous Mining Access Control Barrier System (SBA-CAM).

SBA-CAM has been one of the most outstanding products of HKN Engineering. With this, a solution to vehicle and personnel access control has been delivered to customers. Restricting the access to high operational risk areas.

Today, the SBA-CAM system is in operation in leading mining companies nationally and internationally, such as: Minera Escondida, Minera Antucoya and BHP Billiton, a portfolio of clients who trust in our brand and who rely on HKN Ingeniería for projects and operations.

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